RN Rabia Noufi LTD

Rabia Noufi Ltd.

Rabia Noufi Ltd. was founded in 2013, by Rabia Noufi, with the goal of importing cement to Israel. Rabia Noufi, owner of the company, is an attorney and holds a bachelor's degree in law and business administration. He is the son of Sami Noufi, who is a very successful and well-known businessman and owner of a real estate, development and infrastructure company in the Eilat and Arava region. Our offices are primly located at 'Shemen Beach' industrial zone, in close proximity to the port of Haifa and the Kishon Valley. Rabia Noufi Ltd. owns one of the most advanced industrial facilities in the world, used for unloading and storing bulk cement powder, as well as innovative and advanced designated facilities for the unloading of bulk cement powder cargos.

We continuously strive to set new and higher standards in the field of cement import and supplies throughout Israel, by using the most innovative and advanced methods and technologies, in the world. Our professional and skilled team of staff work, around the clock, to ensure our customers receive top rate, courteous and efficient service. Rabia Noufi Ltd. is committed to openness, fairness and strict, meticulous adherence to schedules, whilst providing all customers with professional, courteous, personal and efficient standards of service The company supplies top quality cement to both to the Israeli market and to the Palestinian Authority. Rabia Noufi Ltd. is the Israeli franchise holder for the supply of cement from a Turkish manufacturer, considered as one of the leading manufacturers in the Turkish market. Our company holds a license from the Ministry of the Economy to import cement powder to Israel and considered a strategic partner.

We are supplies top quality cement powder to the Israeli market and to the Palestinian Authority